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Fishing is Excellent

A wonderful place for a family holiday, Machangulo Beach Lodge can be found on the Santa Maria Peninsula in Maputo Bay in a lush sand dune forest.  Find the lodge in a haven for wildlife and its conservation – a destination known for its moody tidal estuaries and lakes on its western side. Making the fishing excellent!

High Tide Brings Game Fish

High tide at Machangulo is a wild time of natural energies and surging waters. Fishermen love the deep channels here and all kinds of fishing are on offer. Guided offshore and channel fishing will teach anglers new tricks while rock and surf fishing is up to you although you can request a guide.

Fly Fishing Paradise

This is great fly fishing territory and the lodge can assist with tackle and setting up. Fishing, like some of the other activities, are dependent on the weather and tides. Machangulo Beach Lodge uses two modern and safe powerboats designed for diving and fishing. Try out some new techniques with assistance from your expert crew and who knows, you could land a trophy? 

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